Parks and dogs are always an interesting combination. It’s their second most favorite place on the planet. There is not a word in the dictionary that can describe how happy these dogs are when they are at the park. Dogs in parks are full of life, free and happy. Asking them to leave the park, however, is a totally different story.

Music To Their Furry Ears

Their eyes glimmer with delight the moment they realize that they are going to the park. Their ears are on the alert and they can’t stop wagging their tails because of extreme happiness. This doubles or even triples once they are at the park, which explains why they bark and run around.

Perhaps the counterpart of this would be telling a child that you are taking them to Disneyland. Their eyes shine, and they begin to count the days. Once they are at the happiest place in the world, they smile from ear to ear, and you immediately become their most favorite person.

Dog Does’t Want To Leave The Park

All good things must come to an end, and that includes play times at the park. This is when the challenge begins. There is no easy way to tell dogs that they are going home because already have an inkling. On good days, they will obey and follow what you say.

Some days, however, they will try to manipulate you. They will protest, cry, make you run after them, or play dead. It’s adorable how they do these things, and they know you can’t resist their cuteness. Case in point is Golden Retriever in the video below.


Credits to wipandco

The Golden Retriever plays dead to convince his owner to stay in the park. Fortunately, his owner understands what he is going through.  Watch it until the end!

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Dog pretends he's dead to avoid going home