Parks and dogs are always an interesting combination. It’s their second most favorite place on the planet (after your bed). For some dogs, it’s their only chance to experience nature and run free, so don’t be surprised if Buster puts up some resistance when you’re ready to go home.

Music to Their Furry Ears

When you reach for the leash, Buster’s eyes probably glimmer with delight the moment he realizes you’re about to go to the park. It’s like telling your kids they’re going to Disney World. Basically, you become his favorite person in the world, if you weren’t already.

Dog Doesn’t Want to Leave the Park

But like all good things, playtime at the park must also come to an end. This is when the challenge begins. There is no easy way to tell dogs that they are going home because they already sense it. If you’re lucky, he’ll go willingly, looking forward to the next adventure.

Then there are those days where Buster actually might try to manipulate you. He might wiper or run around one last time making you chase after him or… play dead. Although it may kinda piss you off when your dog does it, it’s pretty hilarious to see someone else go through it. Case in point is the Golden Retriever in the video below.

Credits to wipandco

The Golden Retriever plays dead to convince his owner to stay in the park. Fortunately, his owner figures out how to get him to leave.  Watch it until the end!

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Dog pretends he's dead to avoid going home