One can only imagine how busy and hectic a police station can be. The amount of stress that comes with the job is no joke. But the upside to working in a station is that you never know what might just come in through the door. There’s always something new every day.

For the Odessa Police Department in Texas, it was a dog that wandered into the station that caught their attention.

Yes, a dog. He was alone. And apparently, he might have wanted to report himself missing!

Odessa Police were amused at the cheerful dog that happened by that day. They played around with the dog for a while with a tennis ball, and everyone loved him!

Identifying the Lost Dog

And while they wanted the lost pooch to stay longer, they had to prioritize the dog’s well-being and find out who and where he belonged to.

But there was a problem. Though the friendly dog was wearing a collar, it seemed that he had lost his ID tag somewhere. Without the tag, the officers had no way to identify the dog.

The officers had to contact animal control to have the dog scanned for a microchip. And while it took a while to get a hold of the shelter, the station had to resume their daily duties.

Dog Wanders Again

During the series of events that happened in the station that day, they soon realized that the dog had already left to find his way back home. As suddenly as he had appeared in the station, he suddenly disappeared.

Officers did search for the dog when he left, and after an exhaustive search for the wandering dog, he was nowhere to be found.

Dog wanders into police station to report himself missing

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Happy Ending

The dog’s owner responded the next day that the dog, Chico, had already returned home. He lives about a mile from the Odessa Police Station.

Odessa officers were finally able to let out a sigh of relief after learning that the dog had safely returned to his owner.

Chico is welcome back anytime, the officers promised.

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Dog Wanders Into Police Station