One day the Hope For Paws animal shelter received a call for help. It was a little puppy that was found under a parked car all alone and very scared.

Lost Dog Found

As soon as the animal rescuer Eldad Hagar reached out for the puppy, he immediately realized that the small pooch actually belonged to an owner and was lost. He saw that the dog had a collar and a name tag on it. Her name was Snowbird.

To get the dog out of the car and into safety, Eldad tried to bait the little puppy out with the help of some delicious treats he brought with him. When the relieved rescuer got the small pup out of he started petting her, but then suddenly Snowbird startled the rescuer.

Dog Tricks Rescuers For More Treats

Cunning as she was, the little dog grabbed the treats on Eldad’s hand and ran back beneath the car. After a while, the sly dog popped her head out of the car seemingly waiting for more treats for her to eat. It appears that Snowbird was really hungry but she was very afraid of leaving the comfort of the car she was under.

Eventually, the rescuers were able to put a leash on her and then she suddenly started to calm down. The dog was brought to the rescue car all excited and happy with her tail wagging around uncontrollably.

After that, the rescuer noticed that Snowbird had some problems with her hind legs. Initial medical tests from the local veterinarians did not show any problems, but after further tests, it was found that the little puppy actually has a heart condition called Cardiac Shunt.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via Youtube

The cardiologists for Snowbird are determined to what they can to help the cute and energetic puppy get better. They will do further tests to know whether the dog can be treated with some form of medication or undergo a surgery.

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Dog Tricks Rescuers For More Treats