Senior dogs need extra care from their loving humans. We should take them to the vet more often and make sure that they are safe from harm. Just like us, senior pups develop arthritis in their twilight years, so we have to keep them moving from time to time. This dog spent 3 days in a sinkhole – just imagine how Maverick felt.

This 12-year-old German shepherd was let out one fateful morning to do his business out in the yard. For some reason, he went beyond their home and wandered around the area. His mom, Lisa Van Valkenburgh, went into panic mode, searching high and low for the pooch.

Maverick after his sinkhole incident

At first, Lisa that her dog fell through the frozen lake nearby, but they never found any holes there. After a couple of days, Lisa heard a faint bark that seemed to be coming from underground. When she investigated, it was indeed Maverick! The poor boy fell through a sinkhole that was five feet deep and just as wide.

No Room To Move

The pooch didn’t have any wiggle room and thus he was stuck in the same position for three days. Lisa and her family didn’t try to save the dog themselves because they were afraid that the ground would cave in and bury Maverick. They called emergency services instead, to help rescue the senior dog.


It took some time before the rescuers got to Maverick, but when they got him out, they took the poor pooch to the emergency vet right away. Maverick’s arthritis had worsened due to the incident, and he was dehydrated. These findings were not a surprise at all, given how much time he had spent in the sinkhole.

This Pooch Has Had Close Calls Before

Lisa shared that her adopted pup, whom she only intended to foster at first, almost lost his life twice before. Maverick was hit by a car several years ago, and he also walked into a raccoon trap. Lisa is confident that their doggie will pull through as he had proven in the past that he is one tough cookie.

Credits: 41 Action News

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Dog Rescued From Sinkhole After Being Stuck In It For 3 Days