Going to the beach and tagging along your furry friend? There are things at the beach that can cause danger to your dog. You have to know these simple tips to make sure you are prepared for what dangers may be lurking out there, and keep your pooch safe.

Are Pooches Allowed At The Beach?

But before you decide and go to the beach, you have to check if dogs are even allowed. There are beaches that will not let your poor dog in for many reasons. It can be due to hygiene or sanitary reasons; you can blame those owners who don’t pick up their dog’s droppings. Some dogs can run loose and wreak havoc and be annoying to other people. Some dogs are also prone to attacking other dogs and cause injury not just to dogs but also humans and property at the beach. So before you head out, this should be first on your checklist. Call the admin office to ask if dogs are allowed in the premises.

Dog Pack

Bring the basic necessities for your dog. You can bring water, a bowl, a leash, any medications that your pooch is on, a muzzle, and basic medical kit for first–aid use. When your dog gets injured, suddenly looks unwell, or if you think he swallowed something dangerous, bring him to the nearest vet immediately. There are things out there on the beach that can be deadly to your pooch so always stay on the side of caution and of course prevention.

Beach Trash

As previously mentioned, your dog or even you can fall victim on carelessly disposed trash. Your dog may find a fishhook that can be hard for him to resist due to its smell. There are broken glasses in the sand, sharp metal objects that have rusted, you’ll be surprised that needles have also been found along the beach, other personal objects that have been lost by other people.

Other Dogs

Danger can also be from other dogs who are aggressive. You if you have a small dog and is faced with a larger dog, chances are the bigger dog may go for your small dog. Although most of the dogs that are brought to the beach are tamed dogs, it’s better to be alert. There may be dogs that are sick so make sure that you had recently had your trip to the vet for a healthy checkup and vaccine if applicable.

Beach Dangers

Some dangers come from the beach itself like the remains of a dead fish. There are beaches with jellyfishes that as you know have that dangerous sting. When it’s windy, don’t let your dog get to close to the beach especially when the waves are strong. The weather at the beach may also be not ideal to your dog especially when the temperature spikes up. When you have an active dog, they will heat up fast and that may not be good for him.

Everyone wants to have a great time at the beach and that includes your dog, too. It’s good to keep these tips in mind to prepare you and help you to be aware of the dangers that may be out there at the beach. Plan ahead and plan safety.

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Dog Safety At The Beach