The rescue group, Hope For Paws, got an urgent text on their emergency line. It was about a dog who was run over by a car in Hollywood. Noelle Hetzel found the injured dog and waited for help to come.

Dog Ran Over By A Car

When the rescuers got to the area, they started assessing the dog. The dog felt cold to the touch. It was also unable to stand on its own.

The rescuers knew that moving the dog would cause it pain. They needed to move slowly as they carefully moved a towel underneath the dog and used it to move her to safety.

They thanked Noelle and brought the dog to an animal clinic. The rescuers named the dog Honey Pepper. Upon check-up, the vets found out that Honey Pepper had a broken pelvis.

She also had a shattered tibia and fibula. It was going to be a challenging surgery. Amazingly, Dr. Antonio Pedroza was able to connect all the fragments. He was able to save Honey Pepper’s leg.

Artist Raised Money For His Treatments

Honey Pepper’s operation was not cheap, and Noelle Hetzel was concerned. As an artist, she contributed by painting the organization’s lucky leash on a model.

It was beautiful, and she was able to raise over a thousand dollars to help pay for Honey Pepper’s vet bill. Noelle not only waited with the dog but also raised enough money for her operation.

Source Hope For Paws via YouTube

Noelle indeed was Honey Pepper’s angel. The dog was saved because of Noelle. Honey Pepper gets a second chance at life because of her.

Two months after the rescue, her leg is much stronger. She gets to enjoy running around and playing with other dogs.

To help Honey Pepper get a better chance at adoption, LA Animal Rescue took her in. She is now ready to be part of a happy home.

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Car hit dog, artist raised money for treatment