Buying online has a lot of perks. You will find novelty items that you will not see in the usual stores, and more importantly, you get to find bargains and discounts. And if you’re looking for dog accessories, you will surely find them on the Internet.

But you need to be wary, though, as the item you are anticipating may arrive not quite as you have expected. This is one lesson learned for Chelsea Sparks and her Newfoundland, named Darcy, after they bought a doggie pool to help the pooch cool off during the summer season. Turns out, the doggie pool was not exactly a pool designed for dogs.

Dog Pool Is Too Small For Large Dog

According to Chelsea, who is also an attorney, the family’s two-year-old pup loves water. Every time they take Darcy to the dog park she gets straight into a spot with water. Because of this, Chelsea’s stepdad had decided to order a pool online.

Chelsea’s stepdad says the pool was a bargain. The trade-off, though, was that they would have to wait a little longer than usual, as the pool was coming from China.

When the package had been delivered, the family did not realize that the pool they’d been waiting for was too small as it was folded up. When they opened it they found that it was actually not a dog’s pool. They thought it was hysterical, so they put the pool next to the hulking dog. The family even has Darcy wear the tiny pool on her head.

Darcy the Newfoundland and his too-small swimming pool

A Happy Ending For Darcy

Chelsea’s stepdad had fallen victim to the appeal of the pool when he saw it advertised on Facebook, where big dogs can be seen getting in and out of it with ease. Darcy’s photo with the tiny pool has racked up engagement online. Chelsea’s friends even think that it is comical.

Nevertheless, Darcy has gotten her happy ending. She has a brand new doggy pool that is appropriate for her size.

Image Source: Chelsea Sparks via Facebook

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Doggie Pool Ordered on the Internet Is Way Too Small