Sometimes dog rescues are a little trickier to pull off. Dogs can get into weird places when unsupervised. This story probably features one of the most mysterious places where a dog has been found.

Dog Mysteriously Appeared

When Andy Gallo, an animal rescuer from the Arizona Humane Society, arrived at the scene he was baffled. He saw a pit bull on a rooftop. How could the dog possibly get up there?

When Andy climbed up, he found himself with a very gentle and soft dog. The dog was also very excited. The rescuer checked every corner to find out how the dog got up. However, he could not figure out how it happened.

Andy, with the help of his coworker lowered the pit bull down from the roof. The dog looked so grateful. It’s one of those situations when you feel like the dog knows what you did for him.

They found out that the dog did not live in the house where they found him. He was a stray. It’s a mystery how a stray dog can get all the way up on a roof.

Nimble Dog Finds A Family

The pit bull was transported back to the shelter’s trauma hospital. Nobody claimed ownership of him. He was later named Rufio and was listed for adoption.

Lindsey Clark took an interest in Rufio and adopted him. Just like that, he had a loving home. At first, the dog was timid and wanted to take things at a slow pace, but after being with Lindsey for a few months he became loud and fun to have around.


Video courtesy of  The Dodo via YouTube.

Rufio is also the cuddliest dog Lindsey has ever been with. She boasts how super lovable her dog is. If she’s doing something, Rufio always wants to be there with her. This goofball is all Lindsey ever needed.

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Dog Mysteriously Appears On Rooftop