The art of gratitude is one of the things which parents need to teach their children regardless of religious beliefs or culture. Teaching young kids to pray and acknowledge that there is someone or something bigger than us in this universe is essential. This habit reminds us always to humble ourselves.

Art of Gratitude

Today, we will witness how a dog owner successfully trained his dog to pray before eating. Watch the video below.

While most dog owners teach their pups amazing tricks, this dog learned the art of praying. The dog’s owner did not only teach him how and what to say when praying, but he also taught the dog the art of gratitude. Saying grace before a meal is such a powerful act as it sends out a message to the universe that you are grateful for everything that you have received. Thus, the world will bless you more.

Nowadays, everyone gets to enjoy the advancement brought by technology. Dogs and other pets are now knowledgeable as to how to operate our gadgets and home appliances. Also, humans now treat dogs as capable creatures who can perform tasks the same as humans. However, through the video above, this article hopes that humans do not forget to teach their pets the exact values which are essential to living.

Our thoughts

Most pet owners treat their pets like their children. So, it is only imperative that we teach them the same things which we would like our children to learn and practice.

Aside from providing our pets with training that will help them hone important skills, we should not forget to let them grow emotionally and spiritually as well.

If we treat our pet dogs as members of our family, it is a must that they are one with us in our beliefs and that they share the same values which we have.

Source: Facebook via UNILAD

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The art of gratitude Dog Learned To Pray