Disneyfication is used as a term by sociologists to describe the simplification of society. But this artist known as Isa Bredt has given a new meaning to this term with her dog illustrations. Isa said she transformed the meaning of the word into a cuter interpretation and veered away from its consumerist purpose.

Pet Disneyfication Project

Under her Pet Disneyfication Project, Isa, through her art, transforms real-life animals such as dogs and cats into cute Disney characters. This venture began when Isa started with her career as an Illustrator. When she began, she illustrated the life of the famous Instagram pooch Millie. Unfortunately, the pooch got shot by a heartless individual, which left Isa devastated.

Isa’s illustration shows her love for animals and their well-being. But apart from this, Isa shows the inner beauty and strength of these animals. Whenever people see her artwork, they could not resist but compare it with some of the Disney characters.

But true enough, these illustrations are indeed Disney characters. According to Isa, she patterns the image of the real-life animals to Disney characters. This is to make light of their experiences as animals and to show that they could be as beautiful as the Disney characters.

Credits to Pet Disneyfication.

Dog Illustrations Raise Funds

With Isa’s illustrations getting attention, the aspiring illustrator has now accepted commissioned works. She said that this helps her with her craft, as well as the financial aspect. However, she makes sure that her outputs are of top quality because they mirror her as an artist.

Isa, meanwhile, mentioned that part of the money she earns from these illustrations go to a charity that caters to dogs. Isa explained that she is a dog person and wants to use her art as an avenue to help unfortunate dogs. Isa is accepting orders until the end of September.

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Pet Disneyfication Project Raises Money For Dogs