It’s such a joy to see babies and dogs interact in the cutest ways that we can imagine. They do not need words to express how they treasure each other. Simple gestures are enough for each of them to feel each others’ love.

Though some people are still hesitant about exposing kids to dogs, it seems that such early encounters benefit both parties. The child gets to learn responsibility, while the dog gets comfort in knowing that a family loves him beyond measure.

Abused Dog Warms Up To Kid Brother

Rescuing animals needing love and a forever home is the Spence’s family mission. The family of five currently houses five rescue pets along with their three kids.

Among the pets that they’ve rescued, Nora, the English pointer, is an introvert. She rarely interacts with either the pets or the kids. She lies down on the floor, refusing to budge no matter what you throw her way.

Nora came from an abusive past, and the trauma she gained from it made her afraid of almost everything. However, all this changed when Archie came to Nora’s life. The 11-month old seemed to move the dog’s hidden loving feelings.

Best Buddies For Life

Now that Nora warmed up with Archie, not a single day passes by that they are not together. They do all things together. It’s like the little kid carries a soothing balm with him as Nora feels safe whenever she’s with Archie.

Take a look at how the pair spend their day together.

Their favorite hangout place is the playroom. Back then, Elizabeth made it a point to make this a no-pet zone. It turns out that rule went down the drain, as Archie and Nora love hanging out there.

dog and baby sleeping side by side

Most of the time they play together, but the duo cannot rid each other off as they even sleep together. Nora and Archie love cuddling too much. It is their routine every single day.

A million thanks to The Dodo for sharing this wonderful story of friendship.

Video Credit: The Dodo via YouTube

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Abused Dog Finds Solace In Baby Brother’s Arms