It was the time of the year that runners have been waiting for, the Marathon des Sables. It is a six-day event which puts six marathons in one. It is dubbed as the toughest and anyone who loved the challenge took this race seriously, with months of preparation.

An Extra Body Competes at the Marathon des Sables

Runners wait at the starting line and as they hear the “go” signal they begin their 140 mile journey. They make sure to bring food, essential gear, and the necessities to survive the rough race.

Unexpectedly, the runners see a stray dog who comes to participate. He appeared without any clue where he came from. They later named him “Cactus.”

Dog completes Marathon des Sables

Cactus’ grit inspired the people and they offered him food and water as they embark on the race. They also checked him for blisters. Everyone cared for this pooch; they wanted to support him and to secure his safety along the way.

When the media caught sight of Cactus in action he instantly became the focus of the whole event. They posted photos of him on Instagram for every marathon that he completed. Netizens couldn’t be prouder of this tenacious pup!

When staff realized Cactus was continuing they installed a GPS on him. They did give up persuading Cactus to stop as he was as unstoppable as the fervid temperature in the deserts.

Dog Completes Six-Day Marathon

After six days dog completed the Marathon des Sables

In the following days he kept pace with his co-runners. The participants enjoyed Cactus’ company; they treated him as their buddy.

And finally, after six days, Cactus completed the race, he was the 57th finisher!

It turned out that Cactus was not a stray pup and his real name was Diggedy. Many wanted to adopt him but he already had a parent named Karen who went to the finish line to get her champion.

Nobody knew how Diggedy arrived at the start line on his own but one thing is sure, everyone will remember the first dog to complete Marathon des Sables!

Source at marathondessables via Instagram

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Dog Competes at the Marathon des Sables