There is nothing to look forward to on garbage days, but not for this dalmatian. It’s not because he gets to tidy his home from the piled garbage stock in a corner, but he anticipates the visit of his friends.

This 2-year-old Dalmatian named Dakota lives with her mom in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Ciara, his parent, loves to have Dakota around. They enjoy lots of activities together ranging from playing fetch to hikes along roads or beaches.

Dalmation Builds Friendship With Garbage Men

But there is one incredible thing that the dog seems to wait for every week. When Dakota’s inside the house, and when he suddenly hears the garbage truck, he’d sprint in excitement and jumps on a small brick to wait for his visitors.

Those special guests of his are the sanitation workers. It amuses Ciara to see her dog get so happy when the guys are around, so in one of their visit, she took a video of the encounter. You can see how his tail gets into overdrive when he sees the truck pulled up; the excitement is too evident!

You may not be aware, but when dogs like Dakota become animated, they could dance too!

The men get down and give their friend tons of fuss! It seems that they too love Dakota’s company as much as the pup does.  And it appears that the dog’s house is their favorite destination.

You bet when Dakota hears that, he will have the biggest smile on his face!

Source at Caters Clips via Youtube

Their friendship is too adorable, and it saddens that they only get to meet each other on garbage days which is once a week. But that’s not a problem for Dakota. The presence of his friends is always worth the wait.

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Dalmation and garbage men are friends