Dogs are very sneaky and clever animals. If they find an opportunity to wander away, most of them would definitely grab that chance to do some adventures of their own. On the other hand, the worried dog parents would be left anxious as to their whereabouts.

Dog Rides School Bus

A Bull Terrier’s small escapade all started when some intense winds left her family’s gate open. Amaya was able to go out of the yard and took a ride on a school bus. She hitchhiked undetected because at that moment, it was full of junior high school kids bound for school. 

The unknowing bus driver noticed the stray pup when they were already halfway to their destination. The dog was behaving as if she was enjoying the ride with children.


As the school bus was full of kids the bus driver was not able to stop and do something with his unexpected passenger until they reached the Shahala Middle School in Vancouver. When one of the children tried to get off the bus with Amaya, the sneaky pup was able to get loose again for the second time. She had a fun time touring the school; it was a new experience for the adventurous dog.

Luck Ran Out, Or Did It?

Unluckily for the pup, it looked like all her luck run out when she got caught by the school’s janitor. Since the dog does not have any microchip or collar no one was able to identify her. To prevent her from sneaking away again she was held inside a bathroom while waiting for some help from the animal control.


At that same time, Amaya’s owners were frantically looking for her as well. They had already been in touch with animal control. They told them what happened to their Bull Terrier.  Amaya, after all her exciting journey for the day, was returned to her thankful and relieved family.

Credit: The Columbian

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Dog Rides School Bus After Accidental Escape