A doctor from Florida became the reason for the first good vibes of the year when he saved a dog stuck in an elevator.

Dog Stuck In Elevator

Dr. Mohammad Awad from Tampa Bay had just come back to his apartment’s building after finishing his work at the hospital. The doctor, incidentally, walked in to be precisely at the right spot at the right moment and ended up saving the pooch.

Awad told reporters that he saw his neighbor and her dog getting off the elevator, but he noticed that a considerable part of the leash of the dog was still inside the lift.

The automatic doors of the elevator closed, and the pooch’s leash got stuck in between them. The elevator then started moving upwards, and as soon as Awad saw the dog ascending because of his leash being stuck in elevator doors, he leaped towards the pooch to save him.

In the surveillance video, Awad can be seen hurrying towards the dog who had his paws off the ground by that time. Awad said that it all looks like slow motion in the video, but in reality, everything happened very fast.

Quick Thinking Doctor Saves The Day

Awad said that he was trying to break the leash with his strength, but it did not happen on the first two attempts, then he stumbled backward, regained balance, and gave it another try.

A Quick Thinking Doctor Saves The Life Of A Dog Stuck In Elevator

Image source: CNN

While Awad was trying to break open the leash, he could hear the pooch’s choking and whimpering sounds. There were only seconds left to save the dog.

Then suddenly, the leash snapped, and the dog fell on the ground.

Awad said that when he watched the surveillance video, he could not believe it was him. Awad added that he hopes that all pet owners will try to be more careful about the surroundings of their pets so that the animals don’t get in any trouble.

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Dog With Leash Stuck In Elevator Doors Saved By Quick Thinking Doctor