Ross Tran’s body of work has garnered him millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram. He has a whopping 1.26 million subscribers on the online video streaming platform, where he uploads tutorials on how to draw. His Instagram account, which is a depository of his art and everyday life, has 1.1 million followers.

Digital Artwork Of Shiba Inu

A testament to his skillfulness in illustration and animation is his former gig with Walt Disney Pictures. He’s often seen with art tools in both hands, whipping up artworks that everyone’s bound to swoon over. On days when he’s not busy making art, he bonds with his beloved Shiba Inu, Milo.

owner and his Shiba Inu

The artistic paw parent

Tran’s followers on Instagram know how much he enjoys drawing himself and Milo. He would use their photos as reference when creating digital illustrations of himself and his pup. The theme of each drawing varies, of course.

Ross Tran and Milo

There are days when their cartoon versions would be showing how they usually look like every single day. Milo would sport his black collar while Tran would be in his usual shirt and jeans combo. Whenever the artistic paw parent feels like playing around, he would turn both of them into mythical creatures or friends of Captain America.

The four-legged sidekick

Milo was only a puppy when Tran got him in 2016. Like all Shiba Inus, he’s always energetic and up to something naughty. Tran would often find him uprooting plants or chewing on his cables. Mischief aside, the father-son duo loves each other to the core. Tran even made a special video when he introduced the Shiba Inu to his audience.

surprised milo

Tran became a content creator on Youtube in 2011. His passion and commitment to sharing his gift to others made him one of the most sought-after art channels on the platform. To his surprise, the subscribers of his channel doubled when he started posting about Milo.

Credits to Ross Tran

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Digital Artist Creates Self-Portraits Of Himself & Shiba Inu