Dog Profile

“Doggy Name”

Cutie Pie


Shih tzu


7 years old



Tell Us About Your Pooch

“My friends would describe me as”

I consider her my Furdaughter because she is in our family. She is adorable, she is cute and she is a stress reliever.

“The most influential person in my life has been…”

Since she came into my life, a lot has changed. Instead of having a relationship I turned my attention to her. I give her all she needs. Even if others say, “That’s just a dog, why do you consider that a person?” my answer is, “They have feelings, they need someone to care for, nurture and love them.”

“Five things I couldn’t live without”

  1. I always sleep next to her
  2. I want to dress her
  3. She’s with us wherever we go
  4. Hug her
  5. Instead of him watching over me, I am watching over him.

Favorite Hobby

She wants to eat and sleep, sometimes when was told to come out she was already smiling.

Favorite Toy

Tissues, towels and plastic.

Favorite Treat

She will disturb you when you are doing something.

Favorite Meal

Vegetables, meat, chicken, fruit, wet dog food and biscuits.

Favorite Place to Travel

People’s Park, family park, a relative’s house, mall, outings with mom.

Bucket List

To go to a place we have never been.

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