Whoever said that dogs couldn’t do anything at their hooman’s expense will find this story surprising. After all, dogs and their child-like personas are always on the look-out for a good prank.

True, they’re innocent and kind, but they also have this inner rascal waiting to come out and play. So in this story, we’ll give you proof of our claim.

Best Buddies

This curly-haired dog loves his master as most dogs do. He’s fortunate to have him as a pal who also took care of all his needs. On this day, the pet should be out playing with his hooman, but today’s not like usual.

The dog’s young master was injured, and his leg was in a cast. He was also wearing crutches, so the pet knew that all manner of play was not on the menu today.

teen on cruches

We’re sure that the pet understood his buddy’s situation. That cast looked heavy, and that foot won’t be of any use for months at the very least.

So this dog did the next best thing; he mimicked his young master’s movements. Now, that would have been flattering, but it turned out hilarious, given his owner’s situation.

dog following teen

The pet feigning a limp is funny enough, but he took it to another level by trailing around his hooman. Perhaps this dog is just sympathizing, and that’s most likely it, but imitating his owner’s limp is just too much.

We know you meant well, doggo. Forgive our over-active minds for assuming your intentions. That’s just how human brains are wired, and that’s God’s honest truth.

buddy walking

We’re positive that you’ll help your master recover soon, and we know that you’ll do a great job of it. We promise we won’t tell you pulled one on him.

On to more epic adventures, pet. Your master’s a lucky one to have you as his buddy.

Photo and video credits to Rumble Viral via YouTube

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Curly-Haired Dog Does The Perfect Imitation