It’s hard to find shelter dogs adopters and how much more it is for those pups who have mobility issues? This is the reason why a couple starts an initiative to repurpose old carts to help these dogs freely walk again.

Reinventing Old Carts To Help Dogs

Noel and John Lizotte began providing modified wheelchairs to improve dogs’ quality of life. They give the carts for a low cost or for free to shelters. They depend on donations of old carts; they are actively reaching out to others to be with them in this mission.

Their drive to aid doggies led them to a pup named Rex who was found half alive in a field.

Old Carts To Help Dogs With Mobility Issues

He drags himself around as he is unable to move his bag legs. Rex met the couple, and they gave him a wheelchair specific to his needs.

The result was fantastic; Rex could now move freely. The dog couldn’t be more thankful, and when Noel and John were just about to leave, Rex climbs to their truck. He wanted to be by their side, and the couple couldn’t resist those eyes begging to let him be part of their family.

The partner now has Rex, Ranger and a border collie who makes their house lively than ever! Aside from their three lovely housemates with wheels, they, in total helped about 300 pooches with still a number in their waiting list.

Their Craft Is In Demand

Recently, Rescued Rollers posts about a former military dog, Sabine who is about to get his turn. He suffers from DM for a  year now, and they can’t wait to see the dog playing once again!

can’t wait to see the dog playing once again

The couple talks about the fulfillment they feel and how the pups’ smiles make everything worth the effort. They said that dogs deserve a second chance that is why they won’t give up in this fight.

Source at Rescued Rollers- Wheelchairs for Dogs via Facebook

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Couple reinvents old carts to help dogs move