Have you ever done something because you’re scared and ended up getting in a more dangerous situation because of it Well, this dog has. Jinsoon’s a beloved pet, and its two elderly owners loved the pup and its sibling with all their hearts. Chickens scared a dog, and this happened…

Chickens Scared Dog And Freaked It Out

We’re told that one day, in the middle of grooming Jinsoon, chickens outside their house started freaking out.

All that clucking scared the dog out of its wits, and the pet ran away from home. Since then, the lady owner would leave food in the mountains for her precious Jinsoon.

We wonder if the chickens were aware of the dilemma they created. For all we know, they were just having a loud party out there.

Runaway Dog In A Snowy Village

Okay, we admit that little episode with the chickens is funny, but for the lady owner, all she wants is for her dog to come home to her.

Jinsoon eats all the food its owner brings but runs away from every human attempt to rescue it. Fortunately, Jinsoon’s hooman doesn’t easily give up.

The lady owner asks for help to rescue her puppy. Other dogs come to help find the runaway pet, and with everyone working together, Jinsoon’s reunited with its hooman parents.

owner reunited with dog

Jinsoon’s Back Home

That look on Jinsoon’s owner’s face is worth all the effort exerted in the rescue. Now the dog doesn’t have to live in the cold anymore.

Jinsoon’s hooman didn’t mention if the chickens left for a different location to ensure the pet’s peace of mind. Still, we’re positive she’d make living conditions favorable for her adorable fur pet.

Jinsoon safely back home

Welcome back home, Jinsoon! Your family’s sure happy to have you back; try not to run away again this time, okay?

Never mind them chickens, they just need to cluck and crow their hearts out. Try chasing them; we promise it’s gonna be more fun!

Photo and video credits to Kritter Klub via YouTube

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Chickens scared dog so much it ran away