Let’s be honest; people in the past would’ve never thought that dogs can do the things they do now. As time went by, we found new tricks and skills to teach our dogs, and our furry friends do not disappoint. Our doggos have proven to be some of the most trainable animals in the world.

When we see dogs driving cars, going skydiving, or detecting cancer cells, we can certainly say that they have gone a long way from doing cheap tricks like sit or rollover. But have you ever thought of dogs doing magic tricks? Well, from the things that we’ve seen, that’s not too far-fetched.

cat watching dog run on water

Dog Running On Water

In the viral clip below, we will see a dog run on water! Well, sort of, at least in the eyes of one furry eyewitness whose mind was just blown. In the video, a cat is seen walking on top of a wooden fence to avoid the water that’s on the ground, and we all know about cats not liking water.

Little did the kitty know that there was only minor flooding. So if he were to walk on the ground, only his paws would get wet. As he was about the move out of the shot of the camera, here comes a furry goofball running around the corner. He was so fast that it looked like he was trying to stay afloat.

puzzled cat

The cat was bewildered with what he just witnessed! He had this puzzled look on his face as if he just saw a magic trick done right before his eyes. It looked like the pooch was running so fast that he was able to run on water! But what really sold the clip was the cat’s reaction.

The kitty took a quick look at the water and the dog that just flew by. It’s as if physics equations were running through his mind, trying to figure out how that was possible. The clip only lasts for seven seconds, but we can guarantee you will be laughing longer than that.

Credits: 9GAG

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Cat confused seeing do walk on water