As responsible dog owners, we often want the best for our dogs. We invest a lot of money in pet products, and we also make sure that they’re happy and healthy. Some people also adopt another dog because of the joy they bring in the household and provide a constant companion for their first dog.

A lovely couple named Charles and Syhann is proud parents to a Victorian Bulldog named Winston. Charles and Syhann adore Winston, and they always want the best for their dog. Winston is a Victorian Bulldog who weighs around 50 pounds and very friendly with other people.

Winston is also an active dog who loves going outdoors. However, as described by Winston’s human parents, he hasn’t been around dogs a lot. In the past, Winston’s only constant dog companion was an English Bulldog named Emma, also owned by Charles and Syhann. Unfortunately, Emma passed away a couple of years back, and Charles and Syhann felt that it was time for Winston to have another doggie companion.

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Winston got along with Emma, and when Winston realized that Emma wasn’t around, it was quite difficult for him to adjust. For Winston, he treated Emma like his mom and also his friend. Charles and Syhann were looking for a dog that would be a perfect fit for Winston. Charles and Syhann decided to adopt a rescue dog from a rescue organization called Villalobos Rescue Center.

Search For The Best Rescue Dog Sibling

They were advised that Winston might not be as receptive to a new dog in the house. Tia Marie Torres, the founder of Villalobos Rescue Center, decided to introduce a rescue dog that was quite energetic and friendly. Unfortunately, Winston was uninterested and didn’t want to play with the first dog that Villalobos Rescue Center introduced.

The second dog that was brought out was a dog named Dopey, who was a super sweet Beagle. When Winston and Dopey met, it was love at first sight, Winston loved Dopey, and they immediately started playing. Little Dopey and Winston had such an amazing connection that Charles and Syhann decided to make Dopey a part of their family.

It’s sometimes hard for dogs to accept other dogs in their home. They’re territorial animals who will try to defend their home. However, when they make friends with another dog, they become the sweetest dog and treat the new dog as part of the pack. Here’s a heartwarming video showing Winston finding the perfect sister.

Video Source Animal Planet via YouTube

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