We hear a lot of adoption stories through social media and video platforms every day. It is as if not a single day passes by that a dog suffering from abuse gets rescued and adopted in the end.

We commonly see videos of how a dog’s life changes after adoption. A skinny dog in the shelter now became a lively pal of the family.

However, not every one of us gets the chance to see how a dog reacts on his release day. Most of the videos uploaded depict a dog freshly rescued, fast-forwarded to what he became later on.

Dog Receives Best Christmas Gift!

One of the many residents of the Carson Animal Care Center is a male pit bull named Benny. He cheerfully greets everyone he sees, hoping that one of them will take him home with them.

His seemingly bleak future brightened when a family decided to adopt Benny. Finally, somebody wants him to become a part of their family!

dog receives best Christmas gift

When staff entered Benny’s cage, he couldn’t contain his excitement. Though at first he hesitates to move from his spot, his wagging tail and constant attempts to step forward all show his enthusiasm.

Can You Please Put On The Leash?

Upon entry of a staff carrying the red leash, Benny can no longer quell his excitement. He immediately wags his tail and approaches the team. Eventually, he permits the staff to place the strap on him.

Can you please put on the leash?

On cue, Benny excitedly rushes forward to meet his new family. The video clearly shows how the dog happily hopped and romped his way out.



See the video to know what happened after Benny meets his new forever family.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the people at post for this heart-warming story.

Source: Funky Smile via YouTube

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Benny Dog Christmas Gift