The Westminster Kennel Club recently organized the one-hundred, and forty-fourth edition of their annual dog competition, and a Standard Poodle named Siba was crowned America’s top dog. The Poodle has dethroned the last year’s winner; a Wire Fox Terrier named King.

Siba Has Been Crowned America's Top DogImage source: Forbes

The three-year-old dog was the fifth Standard Poodle who had won the competition. The black Poodle was able to edge out Bourbon, the Whippet, who was first in the hound category and was announced as the Reserved Best.

Siba also trounced Daniel, the crowd’s favorite Golden Retriever, Wilma the Boxer, and Bono the Havenese in the competition. In addition, Siba also defeated some other strong canine contestants such as Wasabi, the Pekingese, and Thor the Bulldog. Wasabi was the national championship winner organized by the American Kennel Club.

The Westminster dog show was named after a hotel in Manhattan, where the members of the kennel club used to meet. The show started in the year 1877 and is now the second-largest sporting event in the U.S. that has been continuously running. The event is also termed as the world’s largest competition involving canines.

This year more than 2600 dogs from 204 different breeds participated in the competition. The contestants came from forty-nine different states in the U.S. and also from nineteen other countries, including Sweden, Thailand, and Chile.

The judges looked at various factors such as the dog’s size, coat, weight, temperament, gait, head shape, and muscle tone. The judges also compared each canine contestant with the paragon standard of its breed and to other dogs who were taking part in the competition.

This year’s best dog was decided by Robert H. Slay who has been judging canine competitions since 1979.

As a norm of the competition, Siba, America’s top dog, will be treated with a celebratory lunch, and then she will move on to start a national media tour.

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Standard Poodle is America's Top Dog