Dogs relay the purest and the most adorable emotions. Sometimes, their cuteness is enough to make your day. Here is one pup whose reaction is so extreme that you can’t stop laughing from it!

Adding a New Pup To The Family

Gillian Robles, a senior student at King High school in Florida, owns two doggies. One is Indy who has quite of “an attitude” and Arden who is obsessed with food. Gillian and her family enjoy the dogs’ company, and the two tiny pups also get along so well.

Gillian and her family enjoy the dogs’ company

We guess there is nothing more which Indy and Arden want, they have the best owners who care and give what they need. But one day the family decided to get a new member of their not so small circle and they informed the two pups about this.

When the day came Arden’s reaction tells us that it did not sink into him at that time.

Black Lab Had The Most Epic Reaction

They took Stella, a champagne-colored Lab dog inside a box and allowed Arden to uncover her himself. The moment he sees the pup, it took time before he realizes what’s happening and when he did Arden lit up with excitement.

His tail wagged like crazy, and he started running around in glee. He was near hysteric; we bet he’s never been this excited before as in ever!

Black Lab Had The Most Epic Reaction

The Robles family knew right then, Stella and Arden would become best of friends.

Amused with her dog’s welcome celebration to Stella, Gillian posts it on her Twitter account and it made 15 million views! The video was a hit not only to pet owners but also to Arden’s fellow dogs.

One fan posts a clip of her dog’s reaction to Arden’s video, and it’s just cute!

If you want fun, find the Arden in your life, and you’ll never feel dull again!

Source @gillianrobles00 via Twitter

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Black lab had the most epic reaction to new puppy